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7th Heaven

Social Response reinvents website for sensory rich user engagement


faster page download time


increased Goal Conversion Rate


increase in UK sessions


increase in mobile sessions


About 7th Heaven






  • Create a sensory website to increase user engagement





  • Introduce site functions to coincide with product use
  • Interactive UGC galleries
  • Offerpop Quiz



Global cosmetic brand 7th Heaven have sold over 30 million sachets in 87 countries of its award winning face masks and body products for all skin types. With such a successful product and strong brand message against animal testing and commitment to using natural ingredients, their audience is loyal, proactive and are consistently keen to participate in their marketing campaigns- such as renaming the brand itself! Over the past three decades 7th Heaven has been involved in a number of environmental campaigns and has reduced its carbon footprint by creating eco friendly offices.

7th Heaven were introduced by another happy client to Social Response looking to explore, develop and create ways for their website to provide a sensory experience for their audience. Their main goals were to ensure their audience could continue to engage with their brand on their website as well as via their social media by exciting their audience’s senses creating a memorable experience; reflecting what their users really experience when using their products.

Traditionally websites are usually built focusing on one sense – sight. Stimulating a sensory website experience is an ever growing digital trend and sensory rich is becoming ever more acclaimed in the digital world.

Our team focussed on showing the lively fun experience of using a product by showcasing the treatments, ingredients and benefits. We knew users were mainly killing time on their mobile whilst using a facemask so straight off we knew we needed to make the site responsive but with a mobile led stance. For mobile navigation we took on an app aesthetic for users to explore.


‘To engage users we introduced some prompts for rollover or selections – but we did not always prompt the user, to encourage self discovery and bring them little moments of joy.’ – Ellie (Designer)

We introduced the following site functions to coincide with product use:

  • A mini timer to keep track of mask application time.
  • A live feed of social media images (UGC gallery) showcasing audience engaging with products, posting mask selfies, and giving praise and shout-outs to the brand.
  • A bespoke and interactive map highlighting the proactive worldwide community.
  • We designed a quiz via visual UGC marketing platform Offerpop to help users suggest their best suited treatments.

We started to break out the treatments from their packs to bring them to life and showcase their ingredients and benefits. By creating a visual step by step on how to apply the masks users could interact to reveal ‘secret’ top tips. To bring the ingredients to life further we allowed users to peruse a natural store cupboard setting where they could seemingly ‘pick up’ ingredients leading them into specific ingredient pages which also contained further interactive galleries.

After launching our new site for 7th Heaven, we saw incremental results after the first quarter with a 218% increase in goal conversion rate, 92.39% faster page download time and a 43.78 increase in UK sessions. With these positive stats, Social Response is now working with 7th Heaven to work on multiple sites and opportunities to continue to increase engagement.