Digital marketing case study- Dutypoint - Social Response


Social Response kick starts online presence with a multi-channel strategy

Our Results

Monthly organic social post impressions at month 3

Followers from organic social media growth at Month 3


Increase in Website page views via Social Media channels


Increase in Website page sessions

About Dutypoint


  • A leading UK manufacturer of pump systems and distributor of pumps and accessories
  • United Kingdom



  • Build awareness of Dutypoint and Dutypoint sub-brands online



  • Establish six-month content calendar
  • Create social media presence
  • Use key data from reporting to make educated projections to support the fuller marketing strategy


A family run business, Dutypoint has grown and evolved over 40 years to be one of the leading players in fluid technology in the UK and overseas. With two commercial divisions, Dutypoint Systems and Dutypoint Pumps, the source of the company’s success is an excellent team of expert individuals delivering quality service for the pumping industry.

Dutypoint wanted to ensure that they started a firm online presence, keep up with competitors and create brand visibility to reflect their trust and quality of service. With several commercial changes and developments in the company, Dutypoint approached Social Response to collaborate on a marketing strategy that would establish an audience, deliver customers their key brand messages, case studies and services as well as supporting these changes.


By creating a content calendar that focussed on their internal six division messages and targets, Social Response developed a structured series of content strands, created a variety of multi-channel social posts (with different post types for testing) and blog posts. A targeted competitor social follower growth strategy enabled us to gain an established audience quickly and pinpoint what type of social media and target audience was responding to Dutypoint’s service and offering. With close monthly reporting we were able to accurately measure reach success and edit post types accordingly per quarter to ensure we continue to reach their online audience organically in the best way possible.

The positive results were apparent in the first quarter with an increase of monthly organic social post impressions (0 to +22k by month three), website page views via social rose by 359% and website page sessions by 153% from previous periods. Social Response are now working with Dutypoint to implement PPC campaigns to drive specific leads as well as continuing content support and social media management.