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create an e-commerce store that can also power the latest medical alert system using rfid

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tap2tag came to Social Response for magento development, project management, product design, technology consultation, website design and e-commerce advice. The need was for a powerful ecommerce platform, that could be extended to power a medical alert system using rfid. After some complex functional diagrams, and some problem solving a solution was devised to create 2.5 unique trillion codes that are assigned and managed by the store owner on registration of a product. Today Tap2Tag has become a highly discussed medical alert product with world wide interest from pharmacies, supermarkets and technology companies. We can’t give the game away too much on this one as the technology and methodology is coveted. If you interested to find out more on Magento development and integrations please drop us a line.

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The results from their work have increased our sales by 15% and our visibility by over 100%. If you need an SEO specialist or want to understand how the Internet can work for your business then give them a call. I can not recommend Social Response enough.

Chris Ford

Director, tap2tag responsive themebuild
Website design, product photography
E-commerce advice and product design by Social Response
Social Response, also consulted on this video providing support on the script, animation and publication.

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